Let us explain…

What happens when you combine woke culture’s nonsense with real world common sense? Wokensense. That's what. We poke fun at mainstream media’s incessant virtue signaling and highlight the comedy found by twisting the tired narratives perpetuated every week by the same old media conglomerates. Stop letting them pick and choose what they think you need to know! Spend your time reading Wokensense instead!

We draw upon common cultural frustrations to write entirely fictional satire. To be clear, this is all fake news. In some cases, Wokensense content is just a fact or two short of the typical real news content you might normally watch or read… but Wokensense is still fake.

You may be shocked to discover the stories here resemble much of what you usually find on Google News. We promise that Wokensense will keep you just as ill-informed as what real journalists are putting out there. However, we don’t pretend to be hipster crybabies who love to wear tight-fitting smarty pants… we are just trying to entertain you by manipulating narratives normally found on the networks run by billionaire dorks.

Know that we understand what you’re going through. When the daily headlines get you down, enter the alternate reality that is Wokensense and share a laugh with us.

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What happens when you combine woke culture's nonsense with common sense? Wokensense. That's what. When the daily headlines get you down, enter the alternate reality that is Wokensense.


We are just a regular folks who are tired of watching and reading mainstream news. Instead, we choose to spend our time writing authentic satire poking fun at inauthentic journalism.